Pest Invaders: Termites

Termites infestation can be one of the most costly pest invasions -physically and financially! Subterranean termites are most common in Illinois. Termites use their hard and sharp jaws to bit off small pieces of wood at a time. They can feed and thrive in your home without immediate evidence. Often mistaken for ants, home owners may dismiss calling for pest service right away.

Subterranean termites are white or dark brown, about 1/8 inch long with 6 legs.

Signs of termites include: chewed wood or wood shaving, mud veins/shelter tubes from ground level up, pin holes in drywall and other damaged cellulose items such as books and picture frames. Here are some tips on termite prevention:

* Avoid water build up near house's foundation

* Make sure downspout drains away from house

* Reduce humidity in crawl space

* Reduce wood to ground contact -keep wood stored on a shelf or rack.

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