Pest Invaders: Bed Bugs

As people are traveling and moving around more during the summer so are the bed bugs! We receive the most calls from residents of single family homes and apartment complexes. Individuals first signs of bedbugs are bites on their arms or legs. Bedbugs are most often found in beds or couches but have also been found on chairs, purses, and in severe cases on walls!

Adult bed bugs are about ¼ inch and have a flat, oval-shaped body, six legs each and two antennae. They are reddish brown in color.

If you believe you have bedbugs, call Leave Me Bee for a free inspection!

Once identified, each home requires a different method of treatment based on the severity. Most common plans include: decluttering and organizing shoes, toys and clothing off the floors and walls, obtaining bed bug covers and or possible removing infested beds and furniture.

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