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Question of the day -Do DIY and OTC pest control work?

Answer – Yes. Do-it-yourself (DIY) and over the counter (OTC) products work -temporarily. But...let us explain!

These treatments rid pests on contact. However, they are not strong enough to eliminate the pest colony. Eventually, the pests will go around the treatment or will remain dormant until the treatment wears down.

Secondly, DIY or OTC mixtures may not be what insects are looking for in the present season. For instance, ants are looking for sugars/carbs during this busy work season. Most DIY or OTC treatments do not take this into consideration.

Last, application is key! Generally, DIY or OTC treatments are sprayed all over the surface area to alleviate the pests. This is not a safe method and can cause sickness or ailments if people or animals eat or play on this area.

Do-it-yourself and over the counter treatments are a general prescription for most insects. Like a doctor prescribes medicine for your ailment, Leave Me Bee prescribes treatments for individuals pests in each season!

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