Summer Pests: Slab Ants

While we are out enjoying this nice weather, slab ants are busy working! You will see hundreds of these worker ants outside and inside your home!

Slab Ants are one of the most organized, hard-working insects!

· Worker ants are looking for sugars/carbs to eat so they can get through their work day!

· During the summer…ants are thinking about winter! They are gathering as much food now to get them thru the cold months.

· Ants don’t deviate from their given trail. Ants create a trail from their nest to the food source.

Slab ants are more annoying than harmful. They travel from outside in to your homes through doors, windows and cracks and crevices looking for food. Keeping your rooms or living areas free from food while decrease ant activity. Over the counter sprays will alleviate the workers but only temporarily.

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