Summer Pests: Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are on this summer's list of pest invaders! Carpenter ants are larger than regular house ants. They are black or red in color and can get up to 5/8 of an inch long.

Here are some helpful tips to keeping these invaders out of your home!

Check all water sources -bathroom, kitchen, laundry room for leakage or moisture build up. Also around the outside -downspouts/gutters. Make sure downspouts are not clogged. Standing water draws carpenter ants to your home.

Secondly create space or barrier between your home and mulch around the foundation of your house. Cut any overhanging tree branches.

Also, check bay windows and sliding glass doors for soft wood or activity or wood shaving. Carpenter ants are not eating the wood like termites -they are hollowing(spitting the wood out) it so they can dwell in the wood. Last, If there’s spiders web in the home -that is another indicator there are other insects near by.

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