Pests in the Winter: Ants!

If you’ve had a pest management maintenance program -most likely you should not see ants in your home during the winter months.

A maintenance program creates a protective barrier on the exterior and interior of your home during the time ants are most active (spring, summer and fall). During the winter, ants become less productive and shut down their colony’s work and hibernate underground until spring. Once the weather starts to change, they will come from underground like flowers and weeds blossoming. Thus, a new three season pest management maintenance program is needed.

If your home has not had a protective barrier throughout the active pest season -you may see ants in the winter months. Chances are the ants have taken residence behind your walls and under your home -slabs, cracks or behind insulation. While most ants work hard to store up food for the winter, in some cases they may have a shortage, so they come out to find food in your home.

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