LMBPC: Firewood Pests

Winter is coming! Most insects will have died or gone into hibernation for the winter. There are insects such as millipedes and beetles and wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants that go into wintering in firewood. Rodents such as mice have also been found seeking shelter in firewood. Whether you have stored or new wood for your fireplace -follow these tips to keep firewood pests and rodents out of your home.

· Keep firewood stored off the ground and at least three feet away from your home.

· Do not store firewood near trees.

· Do not store firewood inside home -including your garage.

· Wood bought in the summer should be stored in a sunny area and covered. However, the best time to purchase/cut wood is late summer or early fall.

· Burn the oldest wood first.

· Check and shake wood for insects/rodents before bringing wood into your home. Once in your home, burn the wood right away.

Enjoy the warmth of your home without the firewood pests and rodents!

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