Unwanted Pests: German Cockroaches

We know there’s a lot of pests that make our skin squirm! The German Cockroach is one of the creepiest disease carrying insects most commonly found in homes and offices. German cockroaches are known by their oval shape, light brown color, dark stripes on their back and six legs. They also multiply the fastest of all the different cockroaches -one capsule contains 36 -38 baby roaches!

Although German cockroaches can survive freezing temperatures and without its head for 6 days, they prefer warm humid places such as kitchen and bathrooms. Infestation occurs in places where there is food. It is very important to have the property treated as German cockroaches can cause illnesses in children and adults.

German cockroaches are known to carry allergens through their skin, saliva and droppings. These allergens have been linked to asthma in children as well as E-Coli and Salmonella. Also known as the hitchhiker -these pests will find their way into new places and start the infestation process all over!

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