LMBPC: Trick or Treat -Bats

We can't have Halloween without Bats! Happy Trick or Treating!


One good thing about bats, mosquitoes are their food source! If you have bats around your home, you most likely will not have many mosquitoes! Bats eat thousands of them a day!

Bats are the only mammals who can fly!


Bats enter through voids/cracks in higher locations of your home. We've found them under roof shingles, fireplaces(chimney), and attics.

Bats hang together in the same area of your home! You will most likely see their piles of long, black droppings before you see them!

Speaking of droppings...beware!! Bat droppings are considered hazardous and caution is needed when cleaning the area.

1. Wear a face mask when going near bat feces. The spores found in bat droppings can cause you to become ill. 2. Remove soiled insulation 3. Disinfect infested area

Remove the bats and seal/repair the entry points!

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