LMBPC: What’s Biting You Now? Pirate Bugs!

Are you getting bit but don’t know what’s biting you? You may think it’s a flea or mosquito but during this time of season it’s most likely a pirate bug! Have you heard of the pirate bug?

Probably not, but you’ve probably felt its bite! Pirate bugs are black and extremely small in size -similar to a flea.

Pirate bugs are mostly found outside in grassy or flower areas or near water but can invade your home or office. They are not an organized insect -hence their name -pirate. Unlike mosquitoes, pirate bugs can bite throughout the day and they do not need our blood to live. Pirate bugs use their sharp beaks to feed off their prey -spider mites and caterpillars. As these plant eating pests disappear -so will the pirate bugs. Until then, wear long sleeves and pants if you are outside for a long period of time.

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