Unwanted Pests: Are those pests paying rent?

Before you move into your new rental home or apartment make sure there's no unwanted pests -especially if they are not paying rent! Landlords are responsible for making sure their rental units are pest free before a new tenant moves in. Here's some things to look for before signing the lease:

Mice droppings -look for mice droppings under the stove, refrigerator and sink.

Roach activity -fecal matter stuck to the walls in the kitchen also behind the refrigerator, stove or deep freezer or in the bathroom. Gel bait in the cabinet hinges is evidence of current or past roach activity.

Outlets -if the outlet covers are white and there's black spots -this is evidence of roach or bed bug activity.

Traps -if there are glue boards or mice traps left from the previous renter is also evidence of unwanted pests/rodents.

Bed bugs -bed bug residue (dried blood) are generally found in bed rooms and living room along the baseboards and outlets. When blood from bed bugs and bed bug bites dries it turns black.

Rental units that share walls also share pests! Pest travel between the walls looking for food sources. While your are looking for evidence in the unit you will live in also ask about pest issues in the building and if there is a regular pest control maintenance program.

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