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LMBPC: Carpenter Bees

July 5, 2019

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Summer Invaders: Oversized Rodents!

June 21, 2019

It’s officially summer…somewhere! 


Watch out for these oversized summer invaders: raccoons, voles and opossums!


These pests can be found digging under your fence, deck, porch and shed! 


Raccoons -these rodents are rarely seen during the day. However, the damage they cause is very visible.  Signs of invasion include over-turned garbage cans, damage to homes insulation, wood and stoop areas.  Proper prevention includes -regularly checking for voids or openings in or around your home. Places include the roof, chimney, loose siding, broken vents and holes around porch or deck.


Voles -also known as field mice, are active all day and do not hibernate!  Voles create tunnels in lawns and may contain several adults and their babies.  Proper prevention includes: low-cut lawn, spraying, weed removal, and keeping mulch at least 3 feet away from base of trees. 


Opossums -did you know they are related to kangaroos? But much slower and smaller!  These invaders can grow to the size of a house cat.  They are generally white and gray with long faces with hairless eyes.  Females have a pouch on their stomach for caring newborns.  Proper prevention includes: storing trash cans inside shed or garage, taking dog or cat food inside at night, and properly sealing home. 


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