Pest Invaders: German Roaches

If you are seeing roaches in your home or office, it is most likely German roaches. German roaches are the most common as they multiply the fasted. These pest invaders are approximately 1/2 inches and light brown with two dark stripes on the top of its head.

German roach infestation can cause health threats, particularly asthma and allergic reactions. They release odorous chemicals and droppings that make them a further health hazard.

German roaches strive in dark, moist areas with food source. German roaches eat what we eat! If you see them during the day or when the light is on, your home or office is infested!

To solve and prevent German roaches from coming back, cleanliness is key!

· Clean underneath and behind refrigerator and stove often

· Store food in containers with lids and in the refrigerator or pantry

· Take out the trash regularly

· Sweep and vacuum regularly

· Keep kitchen and bathrooms dry

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